Jazzin 'Around

Max Dereta

Date: Friday 18 May 2018
Time: 17.00 hours
Location: Café Timmer, Oude Binnenweg 120

Rotterdam is a true jazz city and that is celebrated on Friday 18 in May. Then the fourteenth and newest cartoon in the Rotterdam series of jazz portraits is unveiled at café Timmer. After this unveiling a musical evening will follow, in which the completion of the restoration and reconstruction work on the Oude Binnenweg will be celebrated by Woonstad Rotterdam. The program is provided by BKOR, R'JAM and Woonstad Rotterdam.

18 program May
The jazz party on the Oude Binnenweg starts at 17.00 at café Timmer. Dennis Lausberg (domain director Woonstad Rotterdam) reveals the jazz portrait of that Annie de Reuver on enamel, made by cartoonist Erik Kriek. Annie de Reuver was one of the most popular Dutch singers in the '40 and' 50 of the 20 century. After the unveiling, the 8-headed parade orchestra accompanies Streetbeat Empire with Arno 'Hairy Man' Bakker you go to the Eendrachtsplein. A special jazz quintet composed by Salle de Jonge plays there. The quintet consists of Kim Hoorweg (vocals), Jasper van Damme (alto saxophone), Alexander van Popta (piano), Thomas Pol (double bass) and Salle de Jonge (drums and MD). They play material from the portrayed jazz legends. Then the R'JAM Foundation tells more about the Jazz route and jazz in Rotterdam.

Jazz city of Rotterdam
Rotterdam can rightly be called the jazz city of the Netherlands; the music made its appearance when the ports were built and is now indispensable in the cultural climate of the city. There are several jazz stages in the city and of course the North Sea Jazz festival attracts the best jazz musicians from all over the world every year.

The Rotterdam jazz & comic book gallery
To honor the Rotterdam jazz heritage, the initiator Rotterdam Jazz Artists Memorial (R'JAM) and BKOR worked together on the Rotterdam jazz & comic book gallery, which consists of fourteen small and large illustrations on and around the Oude Binnenweg. All the designs of deceased Rotterdam jazz celebrities were made by well-known cartoonists. The project ran parallel to the large-scale restoration project of Woonstad Rotterdam in this street.

Watch and listen!
The Rotterdam jazz & comic book gallery can partly be accessed via the Jazz route, but can also be heard on the vinyl record Jazz from R'JAM with songs from legendary Rotterdam jazz musicians.

The jazz and comic route was realized by BKOR (program from CBK Rotterdam) and Rotterdam Jazz Artists Memorial (R'JAM). The project has been made possible with financial support from the City Center, the City of Rotterdam (Sports & Culture, Center Committee Center), Erasmus Foundation, the Foundation for the Promotion of Popular Power, Prince Bernhard Culture Fund and CBK Rotterdam. Project management: Caro van der Pluijm. With special thanks to Skala Lokala and jazz expert Hans Zirkzee.