Ballerina I (1988) Evert den Hartog

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About the artwork

Ballerina I is an image in a series of several ballet dancers. Artist Evert den Hartog was inspired for this series by his daughter. This ballerina is a standing girl dressed in ballet clothes and standing in a ballet position. She puts one leg forward, stretching her arms behind her. The former district of Charlois commissioned this statue, which stood in the garden of the country house d'Oliphant on the Kromme Zandweg. The image was unfortunately stolen from the garden in 2010.

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About the artist

Evert den Hartog (Liesveld, 1949) was educated at the Rotterdam Academy of Visual Arts from 1971 to 1976. In the first years after his education he mainly made ceramic work until he decided to cast sculptures in bronze. His regular subjects are humans and animals, in many variations. His daughter Eline modeled for the Ballerinaseries.

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