Beijerkoppen (2012) Paul Cox & Toine Horvers

Hans Wilschut
About the artwork

Beijerkoppen was a three-part digital work of art, in which specially designed software was used to search in real-time via two hundred satellite channels in television broadcasts for the familiar frame of a newsreader behind a table. A search engine collected studio images of news broadcasts via various satellites. The artwork was opened on 5 June 2012 by Noraly Beyer, former newsreader of the NOS news. The digital triptych on Beijerlandselaan adorned the blind façade of the residential and business complex Sunset Boulevard (architecture firm Zwarte Hond). Beijerkoppen was an original, unique and intriguing work of art, devised by artists Paul Cox and Toine Horvers, who live in Rotterdam. For the first time, the theme of interculturality was shown in a totally different, non-believer, non-educational and non-exotic way in the public space of the city. Toine Horvers' discovery of presenting the newsreader as the most central and perhaps the most connecting factor in our shared public life can be seen as an eye opener. Just as the 19e century klepperman brought time and news to the village community, but also formed the cement of society and brought people closer together, so did the Beijerkoppen us deep into the living rooms of many and we discovered how much we actually look alike. To the initial assignment - "How do we design a contemporary variant of the old advertising list on a blank wall that can also function as a city entrance?" - was met Beijerkoppen phenomenally anticipated. Beijerkoppen was an inventive one, lifestream, pioneering project that has functioned as 2018. In the meantime, technology has overtaken time. A technical and operational restart unfortunately proved impossible due to high costs. Nevertheless, the work of art retains the monumental status for Rotterdam that it had on Beijerlandselaan. This work of art was carried out in collaboration with V2_Lab for the 'Boulevard Zuid' and was commissioned by CBK Rotterdam, the municipality of Feijenoord and Pact op Zuid. It was the last in a series of three major works of art that were developed by CBK Rotterdam during Pact op Zuid Window stories in Pendrecht and Broken Light on Katendrecht.

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About Paul Cox

The Rotterdam artist Paul Cox (1962) studied at the Royal Academy of Visual Arts and Design in Den Bosch and the Staatliche art academy in Düsseldorf. His work is multidisciplinary and often consists of long-term projects, such as the project 'I came by boat, on which he worked for nine years. In addition to his practice as an artist, Cox is affiliated with the Willem de Kooning Academy.

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About Toine Horvers

The Rotterdam artist Toine Horvers (Loon op Zand, 1947) attended the theater school in the 1970s, after which he expanded his field of work to include drawings and environmental art through performance and sound art. For many years he programmed the Suburban Video Lounge and made interactive sound artworks in the public space. He works and lives in Rotterdam.

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