Beech 3 (2010) André Smits

Otto Snoek
About the artwork

This Beech 3 by artist André Smits, aka DREDD, was created on the initiative of local residents of Essenburgsingel, GW Burgerplein and Beukelsdijk-Oost. The artwork is the result of a fight by these local residents against the deterioration of their neighborhood and the clearing of the greenery. Beech 3 is placed in the middle of a fairly classic square and has a surrounding bench, which is integrated into the work. As a result, the 'artificial tree' also has the function of a classical tree in a school or village square in the distance. It is illuminated at night by a number of spots, which increases the safety on the square. The multi-color nature of this work refers to the many cultures in the Middelland district. The active group of residents, who have been committed to the quality of life in their neighborhood for a long time, initiated this project with the support of various private and public parties, including: Job Dura Fund, HMA Schadee Fund Foundation, Foundation for the Promotion of Popular Power, Greenchoice, People make the city, Rotown, Elise Mathilde fund, Erasmus Foundation, Delfshaven district and VKN projects.

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About the artist

André Smits (1960) is a Rotterdam artist who paints, draws and photographs. His stage name is DREDD. He studied at the HKU in Utrecht and the AKV St. Joost in Breda. Among other things, he is working on a long-term project in which he photographs artists in their studio with their backs to the camera. Another remarkable long-term project is DREDD / 339 paintings, with which he wants to produce 339 paintings up to his 82e year of life.

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