Carousel (1965) Martin Slappendel

About the artwork

Since 1965, there is a bronze relief by artist Martin Slappendel on the schoolyard of public primary school Samsam. It is a freestanding work that consists of two parts to four 'stilts'. The lower part consists of six children's figures who follow a flute playing man in a circle. Rats run above their heads in the opposite direction. It seems to be a representation of the folk tale 'The Pied Piper of Hamels' (made known by the Grimm brothers), but the sculptor baptized this plastic carousel.

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About the artist

Shortly after the war Martin Slappendel (Rotterdam, 1930) started as a sculptor in Gouda. He worked in bronze and chamotte on portraits, figure and female performances. In 1962 he made a relief for a school in Hillegersberg, which has since been demolished. He created the artwork in 1964 Double horse figures for a school in IJsselmonde on the Biezenkreek and that building was also demolished. In 2018 Double horse figures on the Kleinpolderplein placed. In 1965 he made the artwork Carousel, a bronze statue for the schoolyard of the Samsam primary school. In 1963 he set up a sculpture garden in Beekbergen with his characteristic sweet statuettes, such as a girl with a doll on his lap, children playing and birds.

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