Channel Crossing to Life (2011) Frank Meisler

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About the artwork

The image Channel Crossing to Life recalls the Jewish children's transports from the years 1938-1939. Children from Germany, Austria, Czechoslovakia and Poland were shipped to England via Hoek van Holland. With the help of Dutch citizens and refugee organizations, these children managed to escape the deportations. Some children ended up well, but others were left to their own devices and exploited. Many of them never saw their parents again. Israeli sculptor Frank Meisler was one such child himself. He was sent to London on the Kindertransport program at the age of 10, just nine months before the outbreak of World War II. His parents died in concentration camps. Along the Kindertransport route, Meisler produced three other monuments in Gdansk, Berlin and London in addition to this work of art in Hoek van Holland. The monument Channel Crossing to Life forms part of an international project. The statue was created with the support of various organizations, including the Association of Jewish Refugees. The statue was officially unveiled on November 30, 2011 by Mayor Aboutaleb and donated to the city of Rotterdam. Both children from Hoek van Holland and survivors of the transports at the time were present at the unveiling. For more information: Shed 24 and Jewish Children's Monument Rotterdam of Footsteps to a new life.

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About the artist

The Israeli sculptor Frank Meisler (Danzig, 1929 – Jaffa, 2018) was originally born in present-day Poland (Free City of Danzig) and studied architecture at the University of Manchester. He was internationally active as a sculptor and realized sculptures commissioned by (high) administrators in Israel, Germany, Russia, Poland, England and the United States, among others. Much of his work refers to Jewish culture and history. Meisler lived in Jaffa (Israel).

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