The shadow of the image (1998) Kamiel Verschuren

photo Kamiel Verschuren
About the artwork

In the new construction of the Multifunctional Accomodation (MFA) in Oud-Charlois, it was proposed to also involve visual art in the functional closure of the courtyard behind it. Artist Kamiel Verschuren made a proposal for the staircase leading to the lower courtyard garden, the ramp parallel to the stairs and a terrace. The starting point was the paradoxical situation that if you lock someone else out, you actually lock yourself up. To make this clear, Kamiel Verschuren made a construction that opens when you close it and closes when you open it. This resulted in a special fence with a concrete keystone. On the stairs are concrete tree trunks of different sizes. These depict the transition from an urban environment to the natural inner garden. The design is an interpretation of space, of continuous movement, of inclusion and exclusion, as befits the inner garden behind this street.

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About the artist

Kamiel Verschuren (1968) is an interdisciplinary artist who lives and works in Rotterdam. His work focuses on researching and expanding the concept and the existential experience of space through drawings, photography, (graphic) designs, sculptures, text or sound installations, architectural or landscape projects, social actions and public events.

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