The viewpoint (2012) Kamiel Verschuren

Kamiel Verschuren
About the artwork

The viewpoint is a special sculpture garden in the Zuiderpark and consists, among other things, of wall and façade plastics, which were once part of De Groote Schouwburg, now better known as the Zuidplein Theater. This monumental building was designed in 1954 by architect Sybold van Ravesteyn, just like the former Rotterdam Centraal station and Blijdorp Zoo. The plastics were commissioned by Van Ravesteyn by sculptors Jo Uiterwaal (1897 - 1972) and Gerard Héman (1914 - 1992). At the end of 2007 some images were found on a storage site in Dordrecht. The recovered images with remains of brick, concrete and excellent wire steel seemed to have literally been detached from the facade and eaves of the Schouwburg. Despite promises to be placed back on the renovated Theater Zuidplein building, the images were lost and partly damaged. The images have been brought back to Rotterdam and used by artist Kamiel Verschuren as part of a new work of art. The viewpoint is primarily a 'place to stay' in the park, where there is room for the relationship with 'the other'. Visitors, as well as the themes play, history, heritage, theater and visual arts, play an important role in this.

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About the artist

Kamiel Verschuren (1968) is an interdisciplinary artist who lives and works in Rotterdam. His work focuses on researching and expanding the concept and the existential experience of space through drawings, photography, (graphic) designs, sculptures, text or sound installations, architectural or landscape projects, social actions and public events.

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