The fisherman (2006) Ger C. Bout

photo Otto Snoek
About the artwork

At the edge of the Maas is a huge steel frame of a man with a fishing rod. The fisherman was created on the initiative of artist Ger C. Bout in collaboration with students from various vocational and vocational training courses in Rotterdam. Students from Albeda Collega, The Hague University of Applied Sciences, TH Rijswijk and the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences were responsible for welding and assembling the sculpture. The students of the colleges took care of the calculations. The project was intended to allow students of different levels to work together and to inspire each other to create something together that they can be proud of. Various companies have supported this project by supplying the necessary materials. The fisherman was actually placed with a temporary status of 1 year, but has been fishing for years now.

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About the artist

Ger C. Bout (Rotterdam, 1950 – Rotterdam, 2017) was a Rotterdam artist and architect, who originally graduated as an urban planner from TU Delft.