Diamond (1991) Matthias Wagner K

BKOR archive
About the artwork

On the roof of the 106 meter high Weenators is an artwork by the German Matthias Wagner K. The artwork is called the Diamond. A four-meter large diamond-shaped stainless steel construction is located on the edge of the roof. Perforated facets illuminate the shape from the inside, so that the light is reflected and the shape shines like a real diamond. The artwork makes the building recognizable from afar day and night. On March 7 1991, the Weenatoren was officially opened after a design by Klunder Architects. Wagner K was then an artist; later he became curator and later also director of the Museum Angewandte Kunst in Frankfurt.

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About the artist

The German Matthias Wagner K (Jena, 1961) has been the director of the Angewandte Kunst Museum in Frankfurt am Main since 2012. In the 80 years he studied painting in Cologne. In 1992 he started giving guest lectures and after that he developed more as a curator, author and organizer of exhibitions. He has set up exhibitions on the cultural history of light and its use in the art of the 20e and 21e centuries and is considered a specialist in Nordic art and culture.

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