An old song (1962) Loeki Metz

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About the artwork

An old song is a small, fine bronze sculpture, placed in October 1962 on the playground of the former Eduard van Beinumschool. Since 2014, the statue has stood at the entrance to the Catholic St. Michael's School. The sculpture is a figurative work made by sculptor Loeki Metz. The plastic has a mantle shape, in which there is a representation of 'an old song', a song that first appeared printed in 1544 in an Antwerp songbook. It is a late-medieval dawn song about a woman who is told that a worshiper has killed her secret lover. The girl puts on her cloak (symbol of dignity and status) and indeed finds her lover dead under a green linden tree (love tree). Nobody wants to help her bury her dead lover. She buries him with her own hands and then enters a monastery. The girl is pictured with her arms crossed on the front of the plastic. On the back the dead lover (knight and horse) is depicted under the lime tree. The fourteen verses of the song are placed on the sides. Seven verses of four lines on each side. The text starts with 'It dawned to the east. It lights everywhere'.

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About the artist

Louise Estelle Julie, or Loeki Metz (Amsterdam, 1918 - Rotterdam, 2004) was a sculptor and medalist. She mainly worked with bronze, wood and silver and made project art and idea art. Her style was impressionistic and figurative. She was friends with Mari Andriessen and spent a long time in Amsterdam, The Hague, Paris and Rotterdam. Her education was at the Rijksacademie in Amsterdam. Metz is best known for its reliefs and tokens.

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