Balance (1987) Evert den Hartog

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About the artwork

Evert den Hartog is known for his lightly styled bronze human figures. He is inspired for his images by animals, among other things, but also by his daughter, who does ballet. In his work he strives for a certain humor and lightness. Den Hartog made a number of ballerinas, which have found a place in Rotterdam. This girl is related to the dancing ballerinas, because she also knows how to keep herself in balance. The statue was refurbished in 1990 and re-placed on Korte Hoogstraat on the initiative of the retailers association. Along with it 'Reading Girl' and the 'Playing Bears'this work is part of a series of much-loved bronze statues in the shopping area of ​​Rotterdam.

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About the artist

Evert den Hartog (Liesveld, 1949) was educated at the Rotterdam Academy of Visual Arts from 1971 to 1976. In the first years after his education he mainly made ceramic work until he decided to cast sculptures in bronze. His regular subjects are humans and animals, in many variations. His daughter Eline modeled for the Ballerinaseries.

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