Armchair (1991) Dora Dolz

photo Get Hoekt Foundation
About the artwork

Artist Dora Dolz made a ceramic Armchair with a fan-shaped backrest and armrests in the shape of a cornucopia and a shell. The colors that Dolz has applied are red, blue, green, orange and white. Dolz 'ceramic pieces of furniture look like thrones and seats with different kinds of attributes incorporated into them. This gives the chairs something theater-like, but they also function as a kind of still life. A miniature copy of the armchair has been placed in the Jan van der Ploeg housing complex of Humanitas. The sculpture was placed in 1991 as part of the Art Plan Oude Noorden in collaboration with the Residents' Organization Het Oude Noorden, Project Office Stadsvernieuwing and CBK Rotterdam. The original location was at the Hildegardiskerk on Verbraakstraat in Noord, but in 2014 the work was moved to Hoek van Holland and given on loan to the Get Hoekt Foundation.

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About the artist

Dora Dolz (Barcelona, ​​1941 - Rotterdam, 2008) has been making colorful, monumental ceramic vases and furniture since the late 1993s. She incorporated fan shapes, fruit and shell shapes in her work. She baked all the details of her ceramic objects separately, after which she put them together. In XNUMX Dora Dolz received the Judith Leyster Prize; an important biennial prize for female artists.

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