Cycling with Rolf (2017) Rolf Engelen

photo Rolf Engelen
About the artwork

From 9 September to 8 October 2017, the fourth edition of the Arte Concordia sculpture exhibition took place on Avenue Concordia. For a month, this stately green avenue in Kralingen turned into an outdoor exhibition with images by a total of 13 different artists. One of the participating artists this edition was Rolf Engelen. His 'work of art' Cycling with Rolf consists of a stainless steel tile in the sidewalk. In the coming 10 year a bike ride will leave on the fourth Saturday of September at noon, weather or no weather. There is no end time and there is room for three people. Bicycles are available. After 10 year, it is decided in consultation with the artist whether the period will be extended or whether the tile will be removed.

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About the artist

Rolf Engelen (Nijmegen, 1964) was educated at the Academy of Visual Arts and Design in Den Bosch. Engelen is a versatile visual artist who, in addition to exhibitions, also has many neighborhood projects in public space to his name. From 1995 to 2006 he was director of Museum Nagsael's Odd Months and in 1997 he founded the Second Chance Plant company that saves plants from the street. He lives and works in Rotterdam, where he is also a teacher at the Willem de Kooning Academy.

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