Freedom (2000) Marian van Steenoven

BKOR archive
About the artwork

Marian van Steenoven made this statue for the Rotterdam-Rijnmond Police. It is a memorial to police officers who have died while performing their work. Their names are engraved in the black stone on the platform. Next to it stands a stylized bronze figure with one arm pointing upwards on a black granite base. In the base are the words respect, unity, calling, responsibility, togetherness, duty and intransigence; values ​​that are important to the profession of police officers. The image is called Freedom and has been placed at the entrance of the Rotterdam Police Unit Unit.

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About the artist

Marian van Steenoven (1949-2009) was a Dutch sculptor. She has followed various courses, including the Artibus Academy in Utrecht in the 80 years. She received sculpture lessons from Jan van Luyn, Elly Hahn and Wout Maters. From 1997 she has held various exhibitions at galleries throughout the Netherlands. In Terneuzen, Lopik, Benschop and Rotterdam there is an image of her in the public space.

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