Goddess Minerva (2009) Unfamiliar

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About the artwork

On October 16, 2009, at the opening of the new office building of Bouwvereniging Onze Woning on Minervaplein, this statue was unveiled by Mr Hans Becker, then chairman of the Board of Directors of the Humanitas foundation. Since 2021, Bouwvereniging Onze Woning has been taken over by housing corporation Habion. The image is a representation of Goddess Minerva. Minerva is the Roman goddess of wisdom and science, who rules over trade and industry. The goddess also protects writers, doctors, teachers and craftsmen, which is why she is often depicted in art by the latter group, which also includes artists and sculptors. Minerva is often depicted wearing armor, as is the case here. Her right hand rests on a coat of arms with an image of Medusa. Medusa was a very beautiful woman at first, but when she had a relationship with Poseidon, Minerva decided to punish her by turning Medusa's hair into snakes. Anyone who looked into Medusa's eyes would turn to stone. It is unknown who made this statue, which stands on a small square plinth, which in turn is placed on a low brick plinth. For protection, a low fence has been placed around the plinth with a door that is locked. On the door hangs a so-called 'architecture plaque' with information about the architect and builders of the office building.

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About the artist

We do not know who the artist of this artwork is. If you know, send an email to n.post@bkor.nl.