Growth forms (1978) Leen Droppert

BKOR archive
About the artwork

Since 1978, three high columns, up to ten meters high, have been made in front of the entrance to the GGD (Municipal Health Service) by artist Leen Droppert. One column is red, the other green and the third blue. Together they form a colorful vertical work of art against a horizontally bare and gray striped background. The statue is nicely situated against the entrance and stairs; an example of environmental design, as it often arose in the 1980s under the percentage scheme. The industrial-looking material and the popping, modern colors he used, give the whole a more light-hearted interpretation; Growth forms does not just dissolve in the streets.

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About the artist

Leen Droppert (Vlaardingen, 1930) attended the Amsterdam Graphic School during the day and the Art Academy in Rotterdam in the evenings. From the early fifties he works as a visual artist and spatial designer, many in Rotterdam and the surrounding area. Droppert completed it in 2008 Flood pile project Vettenoordse Polder in Vlaardingen: four flood poles, which indicate the water level of the storm surge from 1775. In 2010, the Vlaardingen Museum organized a retrospective exhibition for its 80th birthday.

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