Heijplaat monument (1990) Marc Legersté

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About the artwork

In April 1990, the Heijplaat district council commissioned the Rotterdam sculptor Marc Legersté to make a monument for the district. The statue is a gift from the district council on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the garden village of Heijplaat. The name Heijplaat refers to the nearby, and now disappeared, hamlet De Heij. Heijplaat was created as a residential area for workers of the then Rotterdamsche Droogdok Maatschappij (RDM). Construction started in 1914 and in the mid 1920s the garden village was finished and Heijplaat formed a community with its own schools, shops, a party hall and churches. Visual artist Marc Legersté found this steel construction on a business park and turned it into a meter-high monument. September 1990 celebrated its 75th anniversary and the monument was unveiled.

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About the artist

The Rotterdammer Marc or Mart Legersté (Rotterdam, 1942 - there, 2019) was a self-taught artist. He has been active since the late XNUMXs, mainly in drawing, painting, watercolors and afterwards concentrating on objects in the form of large installations with an industrial-looking appearance. Sometimes he made objects for public space, such as a playground sculpture in Prince Alexander and a wooden, prehistoric-looking installation on the Kop van Zuid.

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