Deer (1961) Kees Timmer

BKOR archive
About the artwork

Kees Timmer is an interesting post-war artist and important for Rotterdam. Various works by him can be found in the public space. His oeuvre shows a wide variety of styles and forms of expression. In his public art commissions he shows more of his quality as a decorative artist, with a special line of approach, addressing stylistic and spatial aspects, an aesthetic approach. This also applies to this steel relief Deer, which is a jewel for the school. Due to its simplicity and a characteristic line of tight diagonals with rounded corners and the emblematic stylization of the deer - belonging to his favorite animals - this is a very beautiful work. The work was well asymmetrical and placed high on the white wall, but unfortunately it is steel relief Deer after renovation work on the facade ended up in the school's storage.

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About the artist

Kees Timmer (Zaandam, 1903 - Rotterdam, 1978) was known for his monumental work. He often depicted animals in paintings. He also made circus scenes, street and market scenes. Timmer received an overview exhibition in Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen in 1993.