The East (1925) Jos Klijnen

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About the artwork

Fountain The East is a memorial made by architect Jos Klijnen and founded in 1925. It was a gift from 'Vereeniging Het Oosten' to the municipality of Rotterdam. The fountain is made of brick bricks and sandstone. The object has the shape of a column with a cross. A hard stone water catcher collects the water. In the sandstone cross is embossed: The East.

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About the artist

PJH (Jos) Klijnen (Maastricht, 1887 - The Hague, 1973) was an architect and urban planner who did not want to conform to modernism or traditionalism and who controlled the Dutch architectural debate during the interbellum and reconstruction. In 1914, Klijnen settled in Rotterdam, where he designed the first version of the Mathenesser Bridge a year later. In 1942 he assisted architect JJP Oud with the supervision of, among other things, the Schiekade in Rotterdam. He also worked on facade schemes that Oud designed for the Coolsingel. As successor to Oud, he became a supervisor in 1944 himself.

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