IK (1995) Jan van Munster

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About the artwork

On Wednesday 26 July 1995, CBK Rotterdam placed the statue on the Binnenrotte IK by artist Jan van Munster. The Manifestation Laurenskwartier was completed with the glossy black-granite statue. The manifestation consisted of nine temporary artworks in the area around the Laurenskerk. At the opening of the manifestation in June, the statue of Van Munster was still on a ship on its way from India, where it was carved and sharpened. Van Munster has designed the letters in such a way that it is possible to sit on them. The artist wanted to give the artwork company I, ICH, MOI, JA, IO, YO and MINA, translations of the word IK into languages ​​that can be heard in an international city like Rotterdam. He came up with the idea of ​​a seat sculpture when he walked around the square and saw someone uncomfortable sitting on a pile of stones. The seat that the artist offers is much better and the black-polished granite also retains the warmth of the sun. The effect is that IK offers a wonderfully heated seat until well after sunset. Due to the redesign of the Binnenrotte IK stored in 2009. A new location on the Binnenrotte is being sought.

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About the artist

Jan van Munster (Gorinchem, 1939) studied at the Academy of Visual Arts and Technical Sciences in Rotterdam and continued his education at the Institute of Applied Arts Education in Amsterdam. Van Munster initially worked with wood, stone, bronze and glass. From the 70 years onwards, his attention shifted more and more to the application of light. His work also became increasingly minimalist. In 2002 the artist received the Wilhelminaring for his entire oeuvre.

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