There is a glance in everything (1997) Poetry International

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About the artwork

The Rotterdam poet Leopold (1865-1925) was important among colleagues, but is unknown in his city. Poetry International wanted to change that. It dedicated a large part of the program to him in 2002 and made a statement a few years earlier with this line of poetry in which "there is a glance in everythingcan be viewed from two sides. The application of this closing rule was carried out by Neon Time in collaboration with Poetry International and CBK Rotterdam. The busier the street has become since its completion in 1997, the more this work of art seems to fit. A glance, depicted in neon, fits into this corner full of restaurants and other light elements in the entertainment street. The letters are written, broken by a vertical neon element, making the composition an architectural ornament. The vertical element has been removed in 2013 and replaced with the text 'Within', which is part of a series of puns that is spread over the entire street. The work fits in with the Rotterdam tradition of depicting poetry rules in public spaces. The short sentences match the dynamics of the city and leave a lot to the imagination, which fits with poetry.

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About the artist

Poetry International Foundation is a literary organization that aims to draw attention to good poetry from home and abroad and to stimulate the international exchange between poets, poetry translators, connoisseurs and connoisseurs. The most important activities of Poetry International are the annual Poetry International Festival in June, the Poetry International website, Poetry Day and the Poetry Week and the organization of the presentation of the VSB Poetry Prize.

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