Jamin Monument (2013) Yasser Ballemans

photo Yasser Ballemans
About the artwork

This sculpture was created on the initiative of the Working Group 'Jamin Return in Crooswijk'. The artwork is located on a square and commemorates the fact that a Jamin factory was located here in the past. The factory was closed in the 1970s and demolished in the 1980s. Artist Yasser Ballemans has created a figurative representation of this disappeared factory with special attention to the staff who walk on stairs, almost like a platform, to a fairytale factory. It is a kind of cotton candy pink cake with a festive feel, which fits with Ballemans' interest in carnival and everyday visual cultures. The flamboyant shape and color makes it Jamin Monument an object that stands out; it demands attention for something else that is forgotten.

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About the artist

Sculptor Yasser Ballemans (Breda, 1981) works freely and on assignment. In the latter case he makes sculptures of sheet steel in signal colors, in which he incorporates flags, fences, arrows and other crisp symbols. One of his projects in relation to public space is 'Carnaval', about which he organized an exhibition and participated in a geometric parade. He went through the Sandberg Institute, St. Joost and the curator training Mr. Miyagi from Showroom Mama. He shows his free work in galleries and presentation rooms.

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