Johan van Oldenbarnevelt (1920) Charles van Wijk & Arend Odé

photo Otto Snoek
About the artwork

Johan van Oldenbarnevelt (1547 - 1619) is considered the most important statesman known to the Republic of the United Netherlands. Under his leadership - he was a state advocate from 1586 until his death in 1619 - the republic gained its independence and the constitution that it would retain until 1795. Before Van Oldenbarnevelt became state lawyer, he was a pensionary of Rotterdam from 1576 to 1586. In that period he ensured that the foundation was laid for the position of Rotterdam as the second Dutch port city. The image of Johan Van Oldenbarnevelt - in a niche under the mayor's room - is a gift from the then alderman mr. S. Muller on the completion of the new town hall in 1920. It was designed by Charles van Wijk, who died shortly after his design was approved. The Delft professor AWM Odé completed the work. It is a beautiful classic statue, of which there are very few in Rotterdam. The sculpture, in combination with the sculpture of Hugo de Groot, forms an ensemble. It is an iconic element for the town hall.

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About Charles van Wijk

Sculptor Charles van Wijk (The Hague, 1875 - 1917) attended the art academy in The Hague. Among other things, he made the memorial for the Maris brothers in The Hague, the statue of Johan de Witt and the bust for EJ Potgieter. He won many awards. He mainly worked in The Hague, but also in Brussels and Paris for some time.

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About Arend Odé

Sculptor Arend Willem Maurits Odé was professor of modeling and sculpture in Delft. As a sculptor, he gained his reputation through his various decorations at the Peace Palace in The Hague (facade), the City Hall in Rotterdam and various monuments such as the Regentess monument in The Hague. Odé was a knight in the Order of the Netherlands Lion and an officer in the Order of Orange-Nassau.

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