Jos Brink (2010) Rien van Galen

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About the artwork

Jos Brink (Heiloo, 1942 - Amsterdam, 2007) was a comedian, presenter, musical star and producer. After the Second World War he moved with his parents and brothers to Rotterdam, where he grew up in the Tuindorp-Vreewijk neighborhood. On the initiative of the Vreewijkers Bep and Tinus de Does, the Rotterdam sculptor Rien van Galen was commissioned to pay tribute to Jos Brink, who died in August 2007. The bronze bust was realized by the Com.Wonen housing association and the Feijenoord district. Van Galen, who has been living in Vreewijk all his life, based the bust on photos and video images from the television presenter, and wanted to portray him as a serious man (in a suit) but with a cheerful side (smiling face), because Brink is not a comedian was also a preacher and death counselor. Brink wrote the song Tuindorp Vreewijk about his childhood in Vreewijk. The bust was unveiled by André van Duin on 30 August 2010.

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About the artist

The sculptor Rien van Galen (Rotterdam, 1946), who works in Rotterdam, makes both abstract and figurative images. Van Galen works with ceramics, bronze and glass. He makes portraits with a good resemblance and also models animals such as dogs and horses.