Children with fish (1960) Teun Jacob

photo BKOR archive
About the artwork

This building houses a Catholic primary school and is built in 1960. During the construction of the school, two works of art were realized in the percentage scheme, both of which were applied to the facade. One of these is this square facade relief Children with fish by artist Teun Jacob. It is a large, highly visible stone, located at eye level on the side of the schoolyard. The relief depicts three children in a simply designed world; above two birds fly and fish swim below the children's feet. This early work by sculptor Teun Jacob is characteristic of his style in the fifties and sixties: a stylized figuration with elegant elongated shapes. Man is central to his theme. A representation of a still human figure, which he often portrayed as serene and vulnerable, but also solid. The relief is a reference to the growing up of children, which fits well in a school. The other work of art on the facade of the Jacobusschool is the facade plastic Saint James from Adriaan van der Plas.

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About the artist

Teun Jacob (Rheden, 1927 - Rotterdam, 2009) followed the direction of drawing and painting at the art academy in Rotterdam, but then mainly worked as a sculptor and environmental artist. The most productive period stretched from around 1950 to the 1980s. In the 1970s, he created the artwork in collaboration with visual artist Kees Verschuren Stone in water, at that time the largest work of art in the Netherlands. Over a period of more than five years, Jacob and Verschuren created an impressive land art work of art on the 1e Maasvlakte, adjacent to a power plant.

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