Cow (1976) Robbert Jan F. Donker

BKOR archive
About the artwork

In the seventies, artist Robbert Jan F. Donker was commissioned to make a sculpture in stone as part of the Visual Arts Regulation (BKR). In the fall of 1976 he made this in about three months Cow with hammer and chisel. The Cow still stands on the meadow on the Kromhoutstraat, a spot chosen by the artist. The image is a reminder of the sixties, when 'The Low Land' was populated by cows. Through abuse, the Cow ears and horns are regularly kept, which are then kept by observant local residents. The Cow has been restored a number of times, the last time in 2000. On that occasion, Donker worked the skin surface of the cow with a bush hammer so that the skin has a relief. According to Donker, the cow of the breed is 'une blonde de Aquitaine'. As the name suggests, this breed has its origin in the southwestern French region of Aquitaine.

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About the artist

Robbert Jan Donker (Amsterdam, 1943 - Rotterdam, 2016) studied from 1960 to 1965 at the Academy of Visual Arts in Rotterdam. These years made him a 'race Rotterdammer' with a great preference for the Kralingen neighborhood. Sculptor Donker's work is characterized by the creation of human figures, reliefs and especially animal figures in bronze and stone.

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