Girl with hoops (1962) Loeki Metz

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About the artwork

Loeki Metz created this work of art for a school in Hoogvliet as part of the percentage scheme for visual arts in new buildings. In 1962 the statue of the girl with three hoops was placed. She practices rhythmic gymnastics with the hoops. When it appeared that the statue was not resistant to the footballing youth, it was saved for a while, until it was relocated in 1995 at the Joost Banckertsplaats. It Girl with hoops was given the nickname 'Hoela-hoop girl', after a craze that prevailed in the Netherlands at the end of 1958. The craze went by, but the hoops also disappeared due to unknown causes. The girl was then provided with a new set of hoops, but in 2009 the girl with her hoops as a whole was stolen from her pedestal.

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About the artist

Louise Estelle Julie, or Loeki Metz (Amsterdam, 1918 - Rotterdam, 2004) was a sculptor and medalist. She mainly worked with bronze, wood and silver and made project art and idea art. Her style was impressionistic and figurative. She was friends with Mari Andriessen and spent a long time in Amsterdam, The Hague, Paris and Rotterdam. Her education was at the Rijksacademie in Amsterdam. Metz is best known for its reliefs and tokens.

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