Girl with cat (1966) Jos van Riemsdijk

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About the artwork

In 1966, this statue made by Jos van Riemsdijk was placed on this schoolyard. It is a sweet bronze statue of a girl with a cat. The girl is leaning back and holds the cat cuddly in her arms. Her legs are straight and lie on a stone support, her right foot crossed over the left. Girl with cat is a modest and graceful image, characteristic of Van Riemsdijk's style. Her human figures are characteristic of the feeling of the sixties of a person in his environment and how he relates to the world. The work radiates energy that fits in with the optimism and sense of progress of the reconstruction, as if the artist thereby wanted to give a message to the students.

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About the artist

Jos van Riemsdijk (Uccle, 1915 - 2005) was a sculptor from the mid-1951s. She was a student of Jan Bronner and attended academies in The Hague and Amsterdam. After the war she broke through with her figurative sculptures of people and especially animals. She was a member of the Pulchri Studio society in The Hague and the Dutch Circle of Sculptors. She made at least ten bronze sculptures for various municipalities in the Netherlands, mainly human figures (modest women) and a few animals. She received twice (in 1958 and 1957) the material prize associated with the Jacob Maris Prize and in XNUMX the Jacob Hartog Prize.

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