Girl figure (1964) Adri Blok

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About the artwork

During the reconstruction period, artist Adri Blok has been very active in the art circuit in Rotterdam and as a result there are several works by her in the city. At this former Nijverheidsschool for girls on the Beumershoek in Zuidwijk, this statue of 1964 meters high stands on the lawn since 1.40. It is a bronze girl figure and she has bent her body and arms slightly to the left. She stood on a stone pedestal, but recently she is standing with her feet in the grass, still on the schoolyard, but in this case of vmbo school community Slinge.

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About the artist

Adriana Cornelia Blok (Rotterdam, 1919 - 1990) was born in Charlois and received her education at the academy of visual arts in Rotterdam. She was one of the first sculptors in the Netherlands to make concrete reliefs. There are several bronze statues of her in Rotterdam, such as Koos Speenhoff and the Drum bearing.

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