Mobile (1985) Dik Box

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About the artwork

The kinetic object Mobile was made by artist Dick Box and consists of two moving hook shapes on uprights. This sculpture, in memory of the old Willemsbrug, is made up of aluminum tube profiles and stands on the bridgehead of the former bridge. The shape of the image is sleek and industrial: a reference to the functional shape of the old Willemsbrug, which was one of the oldest bridges in the Netherlands. This image was created on the initiative of Het Vrije Volk, which held a collection campaign for the realization of the artwork. An amount of fl. 40.000 was offered in 1980 to the then mayor. The sculpture was placed in 1985. A stone plaque has been placed in front of the statue with the text: “Readers of the Free People have made this Willemsbrug monument possible as a reminder of the old bridge that connected north and south for more than a hundred years (1880 - 1981)."In the lower right corner you can see an impression of the silhouette of the old Willems Bridge for comparison.

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About the artist

The sculptor Dik Box (Haarlem, 1947) has regularly performed works of art for the Government Buildings Agency and various provinces and municipalities. For a long time he worked as a constructivist with kinetic objects. After that he started to work more figuratively, after which he allowed more abstraction around his images around 1998.

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