Moments Contained (2023) Thomas J. Price

photo Jannes Linders
About the artwork

On the Stationsplein is an almost four meter high bronze statue of a young woman titled Moments Contained (2023) created by British artist Thomas J Price. The Droom en Daad Foundation purchased the statue in 2022 and is donating the artwork to Rotterdam. Moments Contained is about the feeling of being dismissed as 'the other'. The woman appears stoic at first glance, but the marks of her knuckles in her trouser pockets show that she is not actually as casual as she appears. This image shows that she is strong and confident, but also vulnerable at the same time. Captured in this one moment of almost four meters of material strength in bronze. That indicates Moments Contained in a moment, a chance for understanding, connection and empathy. It stands for the emotions and the recognition thereof, even if the other person does not look like you, Price said in an interview with curator Shehera Grot in the Kunstbode. The unveiling of Moments Contained took place on Friday 2 June 2023 in the presence of Gunay Uslu (Secretary of State for Culture and Media), Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb and artist Thomas J Price. Sheree Lenting will create a choreography for this occasion. The statue will be placed on the Stationsplein for five years, after which this location will be evaluated. Moments Contained is part of Sculpture International Rotterdam. For more information: Sculpture International Rotterdam.

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About the artist

Thomas J Price (London, 1981) studied at The Royal College of Art in London. He is known for his large bronze sculptures of contemporary figures he calls 'everymen' and 'everywomen'. Themes such as power, representation, interpretation and perception in society and the art world play an important role in his work. He wants to dismantle the power structures that maintain traditional sculpture and consciously chooses to create imaginary characters. His sculptures are created by combining classical sculpture and new digital technology. Despite their scale, the images appear modest and instantly recognisable, inviting us to reflect on how we collectively occupy the space.

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