Monument to Cors Bloot (2006) Henk Visch

photo Otto Snoek
About the artwork

This artwork is a tribute to Cors Bloot (1921 -1995), who played an important role in social housing and care for the elderly in Hoogvliet. It Monument to Cors Bloot was commissioned and financed by a housing association. Visual artist Henk Visch was commissioned. The artwork consists of a roof, which is located partly above the bastion and partly above the water. The pointed roof is painted blue at the bottom and rests on eight iron uprights. The whole is furthermore made of black enamelled metal and very durable. There is a sphere on either side of the ridge of the roof. A plaque has been attached to the inner wall of the so-called bastion with a short text, under which “This place is like a house sheltered by the water, where everything is in motion and without a fixed form. Cors Bloot reminds us of the need to give space to wishes and desires”. The four chairs are also part of the Monument to Cors Bloot.

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About the artist

Henk Visch's work (Eindhoven, 1950) is versatile and consists of drawings, graphics, abstract constructions and figurative sculptures. Visch makes massive wood sculptures, but also delicate structures, stylized human figures and humorous assemblies from the most diverse materials. Visch often combines language with image and adds poetic texts. Properties such as balance and balance, vulnerability and transience play an important role in Visch's sculpture.

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