Monument for Kane-Lee Ricardo Rustveld (2003) Jeannette Ephraïm & Gusta Kullberg

photo Otto Snoek
About the artwork

Saturday, July 26, 2003 it was exactly two years ago that Kane-Lee Ricardo Rustveld was shot dead in Rotterdam Noord, on the zebra crossing of Heer Bokelweg near the Schiekade. The perpetrators were out to get his gold chain. His grandmother, Mrs. Garos-Redan and her son asked CBK Rotterdam to contribute to the realization of a memorial for Kane-Lee. A tree on Heer Bokelweg was chosen as the location, between the road and the tram rails. This little tree near the pedestrian crossing has witnessed the terrible event. What has been made impossible for Kane-Lee, still applies to this tree: growing into an adult specimen. With extra protection and good care, it can be ensured that this silent witness to the murder can grow old. To protect this tree from malicious intentions from outside, the artists Jeannette Ephraïm and Gusta Kullberg have designed a graceful and durable basket that winds around the tree. The red basket is placed on a purple-colored grid. In metal letters you can read: 'Did they not know the value of life?'. The text 'Libi no habi value dyi den?' and Kane-Lee's full name, birth and death dates (July 18, 1981 - July 26, 2001) are engraved on the metal tile in the ground in front of the tree. The basket contains small holders that fit glasses with tea lights and there is room to hang bunches of flowers.

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About Jeannette Ephraim

Jeannette Ephraim (Rotterdam, 1960) is involved in the artists' initiative Art and Complex. Her autonomous works usually have an organic design. The images evoke associations with plants, animals or with microscopic flora and fauna. The choice of material type is dictated by the concept and the shape of an image.

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About Gusta Kullberg

Gusta Kullberg (1958) makes spatial images and installations, both monumental, in public space, and autonomously. The context, environment and situation in which the work is placed is an important factor in designing. The experience of the work, by the viewer, also plays a role.

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