Musk ox (2006) Tom Waakop Reijers

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About the artwork

This became 20 on September 2006 Musk ox by visual artist Tom Waakop Reijers unveiled on the square in front of the Art Hotel Rotterdam on Mijnsherenlaan, close to metro station Maashaven. Waakop Reijers has the Musk ox realized in various formats and materials at multiple locations, including in Ecuador. But another bull can also be found in Rotterdam. There is another large bronze in the cow pasture in Crooswijk Musk ox.

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About the artist

Tom Waakop Reijers (Rotterdam, 1948) is a figurative sculptor of human and animal figures. The materials used by him are wood, bronze, brass and corten steel. He is the designer of the Rotterdam Bokelping: a medal that has been awarded annually since 1994 to people who have made a special contribution to the former borough of Noord. The artist lives and works in Rotterdam. He is best known for his statues by Joop Zoetemelk (1986) and Coen Moulijn (2009).

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