Musk ox (1989) Tom Waakop Reijers

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About the artwork

An initiative group from Crooswijk realized the placement of the Musk ox, a sculpture by the Crooswijk artist Tom Waakop Reijers. The artist has been interested in the musk ox for quite some time: really an animal for a sculptor, because it has a beautiful shape, a beautiful back line and also very plastic. The place where the statue stands, the Koeweide, was preferred by both the artist and the local residents. The place refers to the former abattoir and the cattle market, which used to provide employment in the neighborhood. The statue was placed shortly after the completion of the urban renewal of Crooswijk. In the past, Crooswijkers undertook protests to improve their neighborhood. This image has therefore been placed in close collaboration with neighborhood groups.

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About the artist

Tom Waakop Reijers (Rotterdam, 1948) is a figurative sculptor of human and animal figures. The materials used by him are wood, bronze, brass and corten steel. He is the designer of the Rotterdam Bokelping: a medal that has been awarded annually since 1994 to people who have made a special contribution to the former borough of Noord. The artist lives and works in Rotterdam. He is best known for his statues by Joop Zoetemelk (1986) and Coen Moulijn (2009).

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