Space Time II (1989) Joost Baljeu

photo Otto Snoek
About the artwork

On the occasion of the new construction of the Metaalhof museum depot and the Rocacentrale, the municipality of Rotterdam commissioned the creation of an autonomous sculpture with appearance. The design by visual artist Joost Baljeu was chosen and realized. The building, titled Space Time II, is a complex structure that was fabricated in parts and built on site. A little further on in Prince Alexander is another work of art by Baljeu, namely Space Time I. The stacked cube profiles not only relate well to their environment of commercial new construction and high-rise buildings, but also mark a special episode in the history of constructivism in the Netherlands. In 2000, Space Time II moved a few tens of meters at the request of the borough, more to the center of the square.

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About the artist

Joost Baljeu (Middelburg, 1925 - Amsterdam, 1991) took drawing lessons in Amsterdam. In 1955 he became a cubist and started painting abstractly. Baljeu also studied Mondriaan's work. His ideas with regard to construction come to the fore in reliefs and wall constructions. From the sixties he made freestanding artworks, in which he incorporated stainless steel and plexiglass.

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