Children playing with sun (1967) Leen Droppert

photo BKOR archive
About the artwork

This work was made in 1967 in the percentage scheme. Artist Leen Droppert was commissioned to make a work of art during the construction of the school and the accompanying gym. He made this ceramic tile panel Children playing with sun on the facade of the former gym. It is clearly visible from the street. Droppert made this work in the colorful and energetic style, which he used more often in the sixties for various assignments. The children playing are depicted on the ceramic tiles in the colors red, blue, yellow and green. To the left is the sun. The gray contour underneath is less clear to explain.

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About the artist

Leen Droppert (Vlaardingen, 1930 – Vlaardingen, 2022) studied at the Amsterdam Graphic School during the day and at the Art Academy in Rotterdam in the evenings. From the early 1950s he has been working as a visual artist and spatial designer, often in Rotterdam and the surrounding area. It Geuzen monument (1983) in memory of the Geuzen resistance group on the Markt in Vlaardingen is his best-known work. Droppert completed it in 2008 Flood pile project Vettenoordse Polder also in Vlaardingen: four flood poles, which indicate the water level of the storm surge of 1775. In 2020, the Museum Vlaardingen organized a retrospective exhibition for his ninetieth birthday and seventy years of artistry.

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