Table bench (2006) Jeroen Hoogstraten

photo BKOR archive
About the artwork

Since 2006, there is the Table bench made by artist Jeroen Hoogstraten. The artist calls it a table bench: it is a thick stone top with a bench around it, which together have roughly the shape of an eight. On the edge of the tabletop are engraved first names of residents around the square, but also the name of Branco van Dantzig, after whom the square is named. The top can also act as a backrest, so that you can not only sit with your legs under the top at the table, but also face outwards with your back against the edge. The seating area is intended for passers-by and residents to enjoy the tranquility that the square exudes. The artwork was created by a residents' initiative, supported by the former borough Noord and CBK Rotterdam.

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About the artist

The Rotterdam-based artist Jeroen Hoogstraten (Utrecht, 1968) designs spaces and objects in private and public spaces; meeting places and other designs that are related to street furniture, and spatial designs that reinforce a (historical) identity of a location.

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