Talents (1962) Henk de Vos

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About the artwork

Henk de Vos was a very talented sculptor, who had the gift of combining a very fine line with large compositions. The monumental formats enhanced the subtle power of his work, giving it a certain emotionality: modest and serene. De Vos has used a special combination of materials in this facade relief. The bricks are used as substrate and placed horizontally, vertically and diagonally. They are covered with natural stone (marble) or concrete. We see four figures, three standing and one lying, and three hands, the judge of which seems to warn us. The work is placed across the architecture of the building, making it clearly visible.

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About the artist

At the end of the 1930s Henk de Vos (Rotterdam, 1911 - Ribiers, France, 1982) left the Netherlands, shortly after his education at the art academy in Rotterdam. He came to the Dutch East Indies and was repatriated in 1949 after his wanderings and captivity, after which he started working as an artist in Rotterdam. He was a book illustrator, graphic artist and set designer. But also active in monumental art with concrete reliefs, gobelins, mosaics and wall plastics in perspex. In 1961 he became a teacher at the academy and continued to work until his retirement in 1976. He was a talented artist who, among other things, made the relief for Beurs metro station with a representation of a welder.

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