Sorceress (1994) Henk Visch

photo Otto Snoek
About the artwork

Along the cycle path on the north side of the Romeynshof metro station in Ommoord is a small bronze statue made by artist Henk Visch, named Sorceress. It is located in the garden of a youth housing form for children and young people with difficulties learning, part of Pameijer. It was placed there on the occasion of the opening of the then Orthopedic Center Rotterdam in 1994. The artist determined the position of the statue and the method of placement. The management of the Orthopedic Center had the Sorceress seen in 1992 on the exhibition Documenta IX in Kassel, Germany. In Kassel there is a second (completely) identical copy in the garden of the children's hospital. The Sorceress has a curved back, points her right arm forward and has a turned away magical look. (Source: Art in Ommoord, page 59)

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About the artist

Henk Visch's work (Eindhoven, 1950) is versatile and consists of drawings, graphics, abstract constructions and figurative sculptures. Visch makes massive wood sculptures, but also delicate structures, stylized human figures and humorous assemblies from the most diverse materials. Visch often combines language with image and adds poetic texts. Properties such as balance and balance, vulnerability and transience play an important role in Visch's sculpture.

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