Grieving woman (1958) Cor van Kralingen

City Archives Rotterdam
About the artwork

The memorial is located in the courtyard behind the Zuidplein buildings Grieving woman from Cor van Kralingen. The statue was created in 1958 and commemorates the shooting of twenty people on 12 in March 1945. As retaliation for two attacks, forty civilians were shot that day. Twenty men fell for a firing squad on Pleinweg in Rotterdam South; the other twenty were shot on Hofplein. In the first instance there was a simple wooden cross as the first monument. Later, money was raised for a permanent monument, which was unveiled on 3 in May 1958, commissioned by the Pleinweg Monument Committee. The image is a kneeling mourning woman, with her head bowed, supported by an arm. The statue is on a pedestal, made of stones, with the names of the executed and the text “For those who fell"

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About the artist

Cor van Kralingen (Rotterdam, 1908 - Mijnsheerenland, 1977) was a sculptor and illustrator. For the Varagids and publisher Thieme, he made many pen drawings between 1935 and 1960, among other things. During the reconstruction period Van Kralingen was able to design reliefs and facing bricks in Rotterdam. He designed it Twentsch Ros (1948) on the roof of the then Twentsche Bank on the Blaak and the eight animal figures of the Hofplein fountain (1955). He also made a number of war monuments, such as Falling man (1951) en Woman with pigeon (1965) at the war graves on Cemetery Crooswijk, and the Ttraveling woman (1958) on the Goereesestraat in Charlois. His style was characterized as invariably figurative. He liked simplicity and a classically oriented beauty.

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