Twist & Shout (2013) Martand Khosla

photo Otto Snoek
About the artwork

In 2010 Showroom MAMA organized the international ideas competition 'Reclaiming the Street' with the request to design a skateable art object. The result was more design than art. Made for young people, especially skateboarders and freestylers, who use the public space in a creative way. The turn was designed to provide the skateboarder with as much challenge as possible. The wood used was recycled, because it came from an old church floor. Due to weather conditions, the wood used became so bad in the short term that the object could no longer be used. After three years, the woodwork was replaced and the skate object restored in the summer of 2016.

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About the artist

Architect Martand Khosla (New Delhi, 1975) is a partner at Romi Khosla Design Studios. He started his practice with spatial designs and sets for theater, fashion and public events. His architectural oeuvre includes playgrounds, eco-friendly loam construction, workers' housing, villas and offices throughout India, including an award-winning nursing home. He gives lectures in India and Europe.

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