Bird flying out (1960) Gust Romijn

photo Otto Snoek
About the artwork

In front of the entrance of the Montessori Lyceum Rotterdam, a large abstract bronze statue has been standing on a concrete base since 1960. The artwork was made by artist Gust Romijn on behalf of the architects of the lyceum Van den Broek en Bakema. Romijn works for the first time with the more traditional material bronze. On a column two meters high, the image contrasts dynamically with the rectilinear architecture. Viewed from all sides, the shape always yields a different image, but retains its open character. At the unveiling on December 8, 1960, architect Jaap Bakema said: “One can see something of a bird in it, but also of a budding flower. If you walk underneath it and look up, it is a pair of bronze glasses to the firmament. A fascinating game of changing cuts and metamorphoses“. The artwork was given the title Bird flying out, which fits nicely with a school and the education of students.

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About the artist

Gust Romijn (Noordwijkerhout, 1922 - Dreischor, 2010) worked as a sculptor, graphic artist and painter. Together with Louis van Roode and Piet Rovers, he belonged to the Window group, consisting of young Rotterdam graphic artists. In that period he also joined the Liga Nieuw Beelden. He took part in the World Fair in Brussels (1958). Romijn was awarded the National 5 May Graphics Prize (1955) and the Prix Suisse (1957). The artist lived and worked in Rotterdam for most of his career, until he moved to Dreischor on Schouwen-Duiveland in 1982.

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