Birds (2000) Jeannette Ephraim

photo Jeannette Ephraïm
About the artwork

In 1997, two residents of a residential complex on Goudsesingel approached the Rotterdam Center for Visual Arts to realize a work of art in their neighborhood. The place they considered suitable for this was the park-like park between the houses, the so-called school triangle. Messrs Pols and Van der Meer have raised half of the budget through sponsorship, the CBK settled the other half. With her design, artist Jeannette Ephraim wanted to reinforce the intimacy of the park: an atmosphere of balconies with chairs, plants and pets, like small living rooms. The flat birds on the ground are especially visible from the houses. You encounter the strange birds on sticks walking along the water.

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About the artist

Jeannette Ephraim (Rotterdam, 1960) is involved in the artists' initiative Art and Complex. Her autonomous works usually have an organic design. The images evoke associations with plants, animals or with microscopic flora and fauna. The choice of material type is dictated by the concept and the shape of an image.

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