Volt (2015) Daniel van Nes

photo Daniël van Nes
About the artwork

Artist Daniël van Nes made an ink drawing of an elegant electric fish with a voltmeter in the background. He incorporated this illustration into an ajour fencing made of corten steel, which was placed around an oil pressure house. Work Volt is an ode to both electricity and technology on the one hand, and to imagination and fantasy on the other. Van Nes wanted to portray a portal to another world. His artisan ink drawing was converted via computer techniques, so that the work could be cut into the steel. The warm color of the rusted steel, the poetic appearance of the artwork and the use of LED light contribute to a sense of safety and a positive atmosphere in the neighborhood. The fencing was commissioned by TenneT (network manager of electricity) and was realized with the support of an investment contribution from CBK Rotterdam.

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About the artist

The multidisciplinary artist Daniël van Nes (Terneuzen, 1972) attended the art academy in Antwerp. He makes carefully constructed works, such as (illuminated) engravings, drawings, paintings, installations, performances and virtual reality. Van Nes works with old engraving techniques, which he carries out in modern materials. His style is related to science fiction and goth and his metal designs and installations are often enhanced with lighting. He also works on multimedia projects and for musicians and artists, both on commission and for himself. His work is shown in museums, galleries and art fairs ranging from Berlin and St. Petersburg to London and New York.

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