Watchmen (1994) Diet Wiegman

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About the artwork

Guard figures are from Babylonian antiquity: tough powerful images that should impress and preferably intimidate visitors. Watchmen is therefore the title of five concrete forms that Diet Wiegman designed for the redesigned Bospolderplein. Indeed they are tough, solid and actually derived from classical images. Although you have to know that, because they are almost abstract residual forms and not scary mythological creatures. Wiegman turned the design process into a public spectacle. He poured concrete dug molds into the earth on the square on the spot. The figures are oriented vertically and horizontally, capriciously shaped, sometimes smooth, sometimes rough. The neighborhood was able to follow the process closely, which, according to Dietman, increased their connection to the artwork. Wiegman said: “At the same time as the other activities, the square was an open studio where everyone could follow the production closely. This new approach to a working process contributed to openness and discussion with the environment during the production of the images. They are images before, but also from the square. They are the children born from the belly of the square. "

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About the artist

Diet Wiegman (Schiedam, 1944) is a Rotterdam artist who makes installations and images. He is the son of artist Doop Wiegman and father of artist Mike Redman. The objects he designs for the public space are never finished: he sees every change, for example through wear, as part of the image. Wiegman often designs shadow images: he models shards and waste in such a way that the shadow of the object is a perfect one David from Michelangelo. His various shadow sculptures are inspired by classical and famous images. He also works with ceramics: he translates drawings into a ceramic form, whereby the nature of the drawing is preserved in the ceramic end result.

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