Wilhelmina fountain (1898) Henri Evers & Simon Miedema

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About the artwork

De Wilhelmina fountain was founded in 1898 in honor of the rise of the throne of Queen Wilhelmina. It is a design by architect Henri Evers, the architect of the Rotterdam city hall whose name can be read on the back of the fountain. The bronze statues on the monument are by Simon Miedema, a sculptor who also made the facade images for the White House on Geldersekade. He produced the winged female figure on top of the column and the ship's bows, which protrude from both sides of the monument as nozzles of the fountain. On the memorial plate you can read: Tribute to Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands at Her Troonsbestijging. The stone basin served as a basin for the water of the fountain. Later also as a planter, because at the beginning of the 90, chestnut tree roots (probably also planted in 1898) probably caused cracks in the basin. Thanks to the efforts of the Noordereiland residents' organization and with the support of the Feijenoord district and the Historisch Rotterdam association, the statue could be restored in 1998.

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About Henri Evers

Henri Evers (Ellecom, 1855 - Wassenaar, 1929) was a Dutch architect. After his studies in The Hague and Antwerp, he worked in Brussels, Vienna and Budapest. In 1885 he returned to the Netherlands and established himself as an architect in Amsterdam. In 1887, Evers became head of the Architecture Department at the Academy of Visual Arts in Rotterdam and was a professor from 1902 to 1926 at the TU in Delft. In his architecture we see ideas from Berlage and Jugendstil characteristics. The Rotterdam City Hall is a design by Evers and built between 1914 and 1920.

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About Simon Miedema

Simon Miedema (Harlingen, 1860 - Rotterdam, 1934) was a Dutch sculptor who studied at the Academy of Visual Arts and Technical Sciences in Rotterdam. Miedema was active in an architectural society, to which he was awarded commissions for sculpture and ornamentation in Renaissance and Louis styles. His style remained 19e century. He has made several sculptures in the Maas city, including the facade images of the White House on the Wijnhaven.

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