Sowing and reaping (1949) Albert Termote

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About the artwork

The National Life Insurance Bank on the Schiekade, established in the Maas city, was delivered in 1949 by Kees Elffers from Rotterdam. On the street side of the brick building, he places statues of Johan de Witt and Christiaan Huygens, the founders of insurance mathematics, made by sculptor Albert Termote - a specialist in traditional bronze equestrian statues. The oval window is framed by a cornucopia and the saying 'Baet is against all shades', which means something like 'Profit goes for everything'. Below is a group of five figures, depicting the various stages of human life. The middle figure is a child who holds an hourglass with his left arm and points with a stick to a sundial with his right hand. The year is shown below the sundial: MCMXLIX (1949).

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About the artist

Albert Termote (Lichtervelde, 1887 - Voorburg, 1978) was a student at the academy in Ghent, among others George Minne and would later teach as Charlotte van Pallandt as a teacher at the Hague academy. He was a traditional sculptor. He made a lot of ecclesiastical art and (equestrian) statues, also often in front of squares in churches. In the The Hague region he received many commissions from Catholic architects from the 1930s. He made many images of saints and in the reconstruction many related assignments in the corner of Wageningen and Limburg.

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