Seal on south (2015) Studio Maky

photo Otto Snoek
About the artwork

In 2015, Studio Maky was approached by Sportspeeltuin Hillesluis and the culture scout Feijenoord to ask whether they bath rabbit, which floats in the pond at the Vroezenpark, were once allowed to borrow for the water at their playground. She preferred not to do that in Noord, but Studio Maky suggested making another floating object. That became a floating seal with an elephant on its snout. Every year the Seal on south look different. Studio Maky is organizing a design competition and children from the neighborhood are allowed to color and submit a coloring page. Studio Maky selects the winner(s) and then the winning design is painted on the seal. The painting is done on the playground area with the children from the neighborhood. The installation is taken out of the water and stored before the winter frost period. In the spring the Seal on south back in the water with a new jacket on.

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About the artist

Studio Maky consists of multimedia designer and animator Man-Yee Mok and illustrative designer Kwannie Tang. They got to know each other through Studio Zi, a collective of artists and designers with a Chinese background. Since 2011, they have been working together as Studio Maky. They translate their concepts and colorful designs into installations they have built themselves, often for events and cultural projects. Studio Maky guarantees colour, cheerfulness and humor. They work with various materials, such as wood, cardboard, fabric, metal, paint and polystyrene foam.

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